Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How It All Began...

Hi my "Foody Friends"

Wow...I'm starting a blog! I'm quite excited about doing this. I guess before I begin down the food and wine trail of blogging, you should probably know some information about me.

I am 38 years old, recently married as of November to the best DJ in the world, Chris. Yes, its never too old to tie the knot.  We have two daughters, Halle is 8 and Mariah is 5.  We live in Ballston Spa, NY for the past 2 years. Great place to live, small community and nice people!  Love it here!  I love food and a huge fan of wine! 

I guess I could say I cooked all my life, but my food actually started tasting good a few years ago. Yes, I was a terrible cook once. I'm not bragging, but it wasn't good.  Once I became a "Stay At Home Mom", I really began to find a passion in food and cooking.  Food Network is one of my favorite channels, along with the Food Network Magazine.  You can learn so much from Food Network.  I am a huge fan of Emeril, Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri! Triple D! You have to love that show!!!!  Monday nights are usually "Foody Night". Chris and I would watch Emeril, Triple D and Unwrapped.  Sounds exciting right? It is if you love food!

As many of you know, I was always posting pictures of dinners I have made for my family.   While making Christmas cookies this year, the idea of a cooking page on Facebook came up.  I was toying with the idea since then.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if anyone would enjoy a page like this.  But if you liked my pictures I posted, why wouldn't you like the page?? So, Cooking Wright with Donna was born!  I have to give props to my girl, Julie Brennan, who helped me come up with the name! She was throwing page names out left and right, but this title fit perfectly, since of course, Wright is my last name!  Thank god my last name wasn't "Wrong"...that was one of my first posts on my wall from Tim Wedeman! lol.

I would love to own a small Cafe one day.  Possibly right here in Ballston Spa.   A place where you can come in a enjoy a home cooked meal, lovely wines and yummy deserts!  Who knows! Anything is possible.  For now, I am going to continue blogging, sharing some great recipes and tasteful wines with you!  I hope you will enjoy!

Donna Wright