Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi Foody Friends,

Every time I hear the word "wingy", I am reminded of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy saying, "Tommy likey, Tommy like wingy".  LOL.  One of my all time favorite movies and comedian!  But lets face it, who doesn't like chicken wings? Whether they are Buffalo wings or Grilled wings, they are mm mm delish!

I don't know about you but I am a "Chopper Shopper". I love the gas discount and the deli because they give you a sample slice of every deli meat you buy, but that's another story.  I recently purchased a bag of Party Wings for $5.99.  I thought that was a great buy so I quickly snatched some up as I giggled to myself like I am the only one in Saratoga County who knows of this special.  My family and I are wingy eaters, so great buy for me! Score!

As for my husband, he is dieting, and is doing very well I may add.  I'm jealous because I am pregnant with our third child and as he loses, I gain.  So, being the supporting wife I am, I didn't want to deep fry the wingys and add calories or points to his day, so I decided to throw them in the oven.  Flour, seasoning and a load of hot oil, add some dipping sauce or hot sauce for a fantastic wingy and there goes his diet for that evening.

There's a delicious seasoning from Tastefully Simple called Honey BBQ seasoning, oh my gosh , I almost said Honey Boo-Boo. LOL great show, by the way. Since this particular seasoning is only seasonal, you can go to your local Grocery Store and visit the seasoning aisle.  Emeril carries some great seasoning blends available that will make your wingys a hit!  As I sit here writing this blog, it smells wonderful in my kitchen. YUM!  If you want, you can always have a dipping sauce on the side.  I used a Bourbon Glaze which was very tasty,  the baby loved it!  The  traditional Blue Cheese and Celery would go fantastic with the Honey BBQ Wingys any day!

So, if you want to change up your everyday hot wings, try Honey BBQ wingys, you will not be disappointed.   Throw your favorite seasoning on the wingys, set your oven to 400 degrees and cook those suckers for 35 minutes and you will do the happy dance!

P.S. I normally pair a wine with my dishes, but since I am pregnant and there is no wine for me, drink some water! It's good for you!  Well at least till May ;)