Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First you take a piece of bread....

Hi My Foody Friends!

Have you ever created a meal or a food that you just always talked about but never tried? Sounds weird right?  But I have a short story for you.

Years ago, a friend and myself were in the kitchen, talking about food.  We decided to create something.  Create meaning, talking the recipe out over a beer. LOL. So we started, first you take a piece of bread...lightly toasted...smear of cream cheese...spat of chives...I don't remember anything after that, it was so long ago and the beers were just flowing! LOL But my point is, it's become an everlasting recipe that we never made!  In fact, we joked about for years and still do.  When I attended their wedding, I gave them a beautiful frame and took out the picture that was in the frame when you purchased it, and printed out the recipe and stuck it in there.  Funny part of the story is, when his wife opened the gifts after the wedding, she was looking at the frame and read the recipe out loud, in total confusion!!! Her husband ran in the room to see what she was reading and started laughing! So till this day, when I see them, the recipe always comes up in conversation..."first you take a piece of bread".  We could be talking about the weather or children, and the piece of bread comes up!!!

Recipes are such a personal item.  They are passed down from generations of family members.  It's something that holds a part of that person in them.  I don't have a recipe book from my parents or my grandparents, but I am going to start one for my own children.  I want my girls to reflect back when they were young and I made them eat that dreadful meatloaf, which, let me add, my meatloaf is not dreadful, it's juicy. In time, when they make that meatloaf, they will know what they were missing.  LOL, but to kids, meatloaf isn't on the top of their menu. I want them to have a part of me when they become adults and cook for their own family.  Cooking and food always brings family and friends together.  A good dinner with family makes a bad day better.  Especially if you have some good wine! We have dinner at our table at least five nights a week.  Friday and Saturday nights, are pizza and eat whatever days.  Having your family around the table, together and enjoying stories about your day is the best part. You can't beat it!

My motto in my kitchen is "Live~Laugh~Love".  We live for a fun and happy life and my dinners, we laugh because everyday we're funny people and we crack ourselves up and we love food and each other! LOL.  I know that's not the actual meaning of that saying, but it is in my kitchen! Happy Spring Everyone!


Donna Wright