Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall means Comfort Food....

It's been what?? Months!!!

Hi Foody Friends!

It's been a long time since I blogged, well couple months, basically a whole summer has passed and not one blog posted by yours truly.  A lot of food has been cooked on my grill this past season.  Summer was great, but I am ready for Fall.  I am ready for the term that many Chef's use when the cooler season arrives....Comfort Food.  Oh yeah!  There's nothing like a good homemade soup, a warm home baked Apple Pie or a simple delicious cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Dunkin Donuts!!!  Yes, I have not had mine yet, but mark my words, I will be driving through for quick pick up.  I don't even know why I haven't tried the Pumpkin Spice Coffee yet from DD.  I'm sure I am the only one.  People are crazed over this stuff.  There were posts on Facebook of friends waiting for the day Pumpkin Spice came available.  Well, I guess I'm the same way when a new wine comes out...yeah, the countdown is always on at that time! LOL.

Back to "Comfort Food".  As you already know, I am a Consultant for Tastefully Simple.  There's two items from our Fall/Winter Line that I love.  One is the Rustic Herb Seasoning and the other is Mama Mia's Marinara Sauce Mix.  These two products scream comfort! It's "Get my Snuggie out comfort!"  Just let those two words roll of your tongue. Rustic. Herb. If that don't wake up your pallet I don't know what will!  The Rustic Herb seasoning is a mixture garlic, rosemary, thyme and other spices that makes any meat or vegetable taste like it just came out of Paula Deen's kitchen! It's delicious and so's all you need to spice up your food and get that pallet bursting.  I recently made a Roast Pork and used the Rustic Herb Seasoning. It was so delicious and just added the right amount of flavor to make you smile after every bite. 

The other product I love is the Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix.  Yes, I know everyone likes to make there own homemade sauce.  "I like to grow my own tomatoes, then can them, then crush them, yadda yadda." Yes, I do also, but I'm not growing them or crushing them myself.  But, when you have kids, and you have softball practice at 5:30, or you are working late and you need a quick dinner minus the McDonald's. Wouldn't you love to make a good sauce in less than five minutes?  Well, you can. All you need is a 28 ounce can of  Crushed Tomatoes and 1/4 cup of Mama Mia and you will have a fabulous, quick Marinara. While its simmering you can pour yourself a nice well deserved glass of wine and relax.  Once you top this sauce on your pasta, I must tell you, it is tasty! For being a homemade tomato sauce kinda girl, this works very well on busy night during the school year.  It has a little kick to it also, which I love! There's nothing like food with a little spice to get you jumping for more...and more wine! And of course, I love a good batch of homemade sauce, grown, crushed, squeezed, whatever!  I will eat it! LOL

So when you're running late and you stop by McDonald's for those Happy Meals, and a Number 1, remember this blog and visit me at  I will make you a Master Chef in your own kitchen!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Donna Wright