Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Adventure in Cooking

Hi Foody Friends,

In about 8 weeks, there will be a new addition to our family.  We are beyond excited.  It's a whole new beginning, an extra person in the house, an extra seat for dinner, an extra person eating, and an extra person to cook for.  I can't wait for all of this to start.

So, I have a bright idea!  How about, I make my own baby food?  I have never done this in the past with my other two daughters.  Well, for one, I was working full time, two ...well there isn't a two.   At that time, I was raising two girls on my own,  working full time and making sure they had everything they needed on a daily basis.  Making baby food?  Oh hell no.  Excuse my language, but there was no way I could fit that into my schedule.  I was exhausted from working, I was exhausted at night, I was exhausted on weekends.  A quick trip to Price Chopper once a week was a lot more easier than making baby food.  Also, at that time, I was not much of Chef either, quick dinners, showers and bed was a daily routine.  I think I was sleeping during showers, I don't know, it was possible.

Now I can say,  I am happily married and have a fantastic family.  I am also blessed to be a SAHM, (Stay At Home Mom), thanks to my wonderful and hard working husband.   I am the Queen of my Castle, the CEO of the Wright Household, and this is when I became the magnificent Chef of my own kitchen.  I drive a Town and Country Mini Van and is one step away from wearing Mom Jeans and white Reeboks. LOL.

Now is the time I can endure in the adventure of making my own food for our new baby girl.  There is a really neat appliance called,  The Baby Bullet Food Processor.  Three different blades for pureeing and blending, and also one for milling cereals, along with lots of storage containers for me to freeze food in advance.   I can make big batches or little batches.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and yummy snacks!   I basically can whip up a three course meal for her! LOL.  How awesome is that?   The best part is,  I know what my daughter will be eating and I believe this will save money in the long run.  Summer is coming, if Spring ever starts!  Farmer's Markets will be in season and fresh veggies and fruit is what I will be looking for!

So will I succeed in my new adventure? I believe so.  I will update you when the time comes for me to get cooking with The Baby Bullet.  In the meantime, if anyone has used The Baby Bullet or has made their own baby food, I would love to here how your experience went.  Please comment, I love feedback!