Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!

Hi Foody Friends,

Happy Spring!  Well, I guess on the calendar it's Spring, but it sure doesn't look like it when I peek out of the window.  I don't know about you but I am ready for the Farmers Market, grilling and Margaritas!  The best part of warmer weather, is lighter foods.  We tend to be more comfortable in the cold weather eating a huge pot of Chili or a Pot Roast.  I started off this week's Date Night with a lighter version of dinner that made us craving for more.

Tilapia is one of my favorite fish to cook.  I buy the Cape Gourmet Tilapia Fillets at Shop Rite.  A bag will run you about $8.99 for 10-4oz. fillets.  I can easily get two meals out of the bag.  I used five fillets for our dinner and have plenty leftover for Fish Tacos next week. Sometimes, you can get a good deal on fresh Tilapia in your Seafood Department.  But, to get the most out of your buck, I would suggest frozen.

I visited Rachel Ray's Everyday site online and found a great recipe.  Parmesan Crusted Tilapia.  Yum! Anything with cheese has got to be good!  It was exactly what I was looking for and simple because I had everything else that I needed in my refrigerator.  Those are some of the best recipes, when you do not have to make a trip to the grocery store because you are one or two items short. Simple and easy, of course.  It was a 30 minute meal!  Plus, I have wine on hand....time to cook!

Enjoy the recipe below and try it for yourself!  Let's keep our fingers cross that the warm weather will be here soon so we can fire up the grills and blend our Margaritas!


Serves 2

1 bag of Cape Gourmet Tilapia Fillets (5 fillets only)
Salt and pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 cups of Bread Crumbs
1 cup Fresh Grated Parmesan
Flat Leaf Parsley


Preheat oven at 400 degrees.  Combine Bread Crumbs and Grated Parmesan.  Chop up some Parsley and add to mixture.  Lightly salt and pepper the fillets then drizzle will Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Coat eat fillet with the bread crumb and parmesan mixture and place in a baking dish.  Sprinkle Paprika over fillets when done.  I also added some Grape tomatoes to roast along with the Tilapia for a little extra taste.  Bake for 10-12 minutes until flaky.

Serve with a Rice Pilaf and sautéed Asparagus.