Friday, January 17, 2014

40 is not Fabulous, but Wine is!

Hi Foody Friends,

Funny thing.  I'm looking back through my blogs, and came across one I wrote about a year ago.  I explained how I hate dieting and counting calories is stupid. Look at me now, counting calories.  I think once the first number of your age turns to a 4, you start realizing, are you healthy or are you not?

I always believed I was "healthy".  Let me rephrase, I am healthy.  To a certain point of course.  I have always been an active person, never lazy, strong, athletic to a certain age, fun, amusing to others.  I have a good sense of humor, I like to laugh, joke and make fun of my kids. LOL.  2013 was a big year.  We had our third daughter, Ivy Olivia, born in May.  I turned the dreaded 40 in June.  I had my fist anxiety attack the end of August, and I had a "scare" when I had my first Mammogram in December.  Thankfully, it was just dried tissue, no sign of any Cancer.  Besides my daughter being born, I could not WAIT until 2013 was over!  By this point, I hated 40.  40 was not fabulous.  Where's the wine?

So, once I got my anxiety issues under control, with medicine, of course, I can now function almost like a human again.  I'm not quite there, but almost.  In the meantime, it was time for a change.  2014 is going to bring me two things, a healthier me and Cooking Wright with Donna is going to explode!  I am dead set on making both of my resolutions happen.

Our biggest issue, for all of us in the Wright Household, is portion control.  I love to cook, so the food is good, and you want more.  Always seconds.  Not anymore, one portion only.  My kids hate me at this point, especially when I make spaghetti.  My middle girl, is a pasta fanatic! She lives for pasta!  Less carbs, more veggies. More greens and salads.  It's been working and it feels great!  If I'm losing weight, everyone loses weight.

My next issue to tackle is wine.  This my friends, is hard. If you know me, you know I love wine, it's fabulous!  Especially, since I found a new wine that I fell in love with.  Montepulcciano D'Abruzzo!!!!!  I love saying that out loud!  I feel so Italian.  The first time I tried it was in New York City with my husband for our Anniversary.  We stopped at a little Italian restaurant in Manhattan to have some wine.  The Bartender had an awesome accent, we looked at each other and said,  "That's an authentic Italian accent, he'll know a good wine, wow"! Come to find out, he's from Brazil. No where near Italian, but he introduced us to Montepulcciano D'Abruzzo!  Dry red wine that makes your pallet explode! It's a must try.  Let's just say, the sidewalks in Manhattan were a little uneven when we left.

So far, 2014 is going well.  I may like 40 at some point.  I think it will take a little love, caring and wine.  Wine is, by the way, fabulous!


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